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When Swedish Elle Decoration named Form Us With Love ”designer of the year” 2013 their motivation was – ”Form Us With Love does everything right! Their open-minded and natural way of collaborating with different companies as well as the curiosity with which they approach novel expressions and ways of working is a success story”. With such praise it’s no wonder producers are lining up to work with the Stockholm-based studio. For Mr Perswall they made a wallpaper born out of that very open-mindedness and curiosity for which they’ve been recognised. We got in touch with Jonas Petersson and asked him to tell us a little bit more about wallpaper, temperature and creativity.

Since it was the first time we designed a wallpaper we started out by questioning what it really is and what we could possibly add to it. Of course we wanted to use it to make as big of a change to the room as possible and this project actually took a long time, and a lot of ideas, before we suddenly realised that colour and temperature was a really interesting theme. Once we had agreed on a concept we began experimenting with the temperatures we could relate to. At -15 degrees it’s starting to get really cold while 17 is a lovely day and then at 28, it’s staring to get really hot.

We used genetic shapes but worked with different colour schemes in white, green and red nuances. The idea is that you can use a temperature that suits the feeling you want the room to convey – if you want peace and quiet then maybe the white one is best suited but if it’s for a kid’s room or a creative space then perhaps you should try the 28 degrees. We also wanted to show how powerful wallpapers and colour can be and the ability they have to completely change a room.

We are a large team and for us creativity has everything to do with collaboration. We were three or four people working with these wallpapers and it is important to us, as in so many other fields of work, that we dare to fail. Tolerance is crucial because the things that turn out great are often the very ones that could have failed miserably and you need to take that chance. So we work rationally, during the nine years the studio has been around we have developed a process on which we can lean if we’re having a bad day. We discuss things, we draw, we are curious about stuff – people and new techniques. If you are just to sit down and be creative you easily get overwhelmed, it’s easier to take one thing at a time and trust that you will come up with a good idea, no matter how long it takes.

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