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Decorating with our wall murals is not only incredibly easy – the results are always impressive and the wall mural looks great year after year. But we’re sure you still have some questions.

Here you’ll find the answers to most questions about orders and how to install your personal wall mural. Or why not watch our wallpapering and inspiring wall design videos?

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Own image

  • Can I order wallpaper samples of my own designs?

    Yes you can, at a cost of £12 each, including postage. The sample will help you to see if the wallpaper is what you are looking for. If you are unsure about the quality of your photo or how the colours will come out, we recommend ordering a sample. Samples are 45 cm x 45 cm, and can be ordered via our Customer Service.

    The samples may vary slightly in colour from print to print.

  • Can a photo’s quality be improved?

    It is not possible to change a photo’s original quality and resolution. However, an image can be processed to improve the effect it has – by making use of different filters, for example. Contact Customer Service if you would like any help with your photo, or if you have any questions about this.

  • Can you make photo collages, adjust objects in the image, alter colours, etc.?

    Our Design Studio can help with most things! These include:

    • Adjusting colours and adding colour to specific objects in an image
    • Moving or removing objects in a photo
    • Adding different filters to change the feel or improve the effect of an image
    • Help you to create photo collages

    These are only a few examples. Find out more about what our Design Studio can help you with. Once you have an idea of what you would like to do, you are welcome to contact Customer Service about this.

  • What does reviewing the quality of my image involve?

    You can take confidence from the fact that we will review the quality of your photo before it is printed. We do this to ensure the quality and resolution of your image. We will contact you if we have any questions or suggestions for improvements.

    Rules for uploading images

    By using the service you agree not to: Upload photos that are unlawful, libelous, objectionable, indecent, pornographic, harassing, threatening, hateful, or otherwise inappropriate.

  • What do the wallpapers cost?

    Original quality: £30/m2
    Our wallpapers are known as non-woven/easy-up wallpaper. This means that you apply the paste to the wall and then affix the wallpaper. This is the easiest way of wallpapering.

    Laminated quality: £33/m2
    We also offer a laminate option. This means that the surface of the wallpaper is coated with a protective laminate, making it very durable to wear and tear, and even possible to clean. This is perfect if you are planning to wallpaper surfaces that get a lot of wear, such as in children’s rooms, kitchens and hallways. The laminate makes for a slightly matter surface than our original quality.

  • My file is too large – where should I send large files?

    If your image is greater than 100 MB in size, it cannot be uploaded. However, we can accept images of a larger size via the Hightail file upload service. Click here to be redirected to Hightail to upload your photo.

    How to upload your file via Hightail:

    1. Enter your name and e-mail address in the relevant fields
    2. Enter the dimensions of the wall you would like to wallpaper in the comments field
    3. Select the file you would like to upload and click the “Send it” button
    4. We will then contact you by e-mail with a link and information on what to do next in order to create your wallpaper.

  • How many pixels does a picture for a wall mural need to have?

    The amount of pixels an image contains gives an idea of how sharp the image will be. An image with a high number of pixels will be sharper than one with fewer pixels. Therefore, to cover an entire wall, you will need a photo of a much higher quality and with many more pixels than you would need to cover a smaller surface.

    A number of factors other than pixels will also determine whether the photo quality is good enough to create wallpaper.

    • The light balance in the image also has an impact on the result. A dark image often needs to be of a higher resolution to work well.
    • The focus of the image is also key. Images depicting motion often need to be of a higher resolution than still images taken using a tripod.

    This guide gives a rough idea of the picture size needed for different wall sizes.

    How many pixels does a picture for a wall mural need to have

    Before printing, we will check your image to ensure the quality of the wallpaper is good enough.

  • My file is too small – what should I do?

    If your file is smaller than 1000 x 1000 pixels, it cannot be uploaded. For an image to come across well on a large surface, it needs to be of a high resolution. 1000 x 1000 is considered a very low resolution, but it can work if you are planning to wallpaper a small area. Find out more.


  • Ordering & buying

    Once you have found, or designed, the wallpaper you want, you can order it here online. Wherever you place your order, our studio creates the wallpaper entirely according to your wishes. You pay your wallpaper online and we deliver with UPS Express Saver to your specified delivery address in 5 working days. Reliable and convenient!

    Read Mr Perswall's Terms & Conditions of Purchase

  • Cancelling, Refund and Returns

    100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    Our goal is always to make you satisfied with your purchase. In addition to high quality products, we also have generous return policies and warranties on our products.

    Right to return
    When you shop at Mr Perswall online, we offer you the right to return the product. Notice can be given any time after your order has been placed, up until 14 working days from the day after you received you order. After informing us of your complaint, you have 14 days to return your product. In a return we will make a refund of your entire purchase amount. Refund will be made using the same payment method that you used for your order and carried out within 14 days. Any return freight is paid by you. All items must be returned unused and in their original condition. Notice of contract cancellation must be given in writing to:

    1 year warranty
    All our products come with one-year warranty, covering defects which were present on the product at delivery. Defective or damaged goods can be returned freight free and replaced with a new one free of charge.

    Hanging or installations costs of the product will not be refunded by us, it is therefore important to check the condition of the product before it is mounted.

    Cancelled orders should be returned to:
    WA Wallvision Sweden AB/Mr Perswall
    Ryssnäsgatan 8
    SE-504 64 Borås

    For purchases made in store you do not have the same rights to return customized products, read more in terms and conditions.


  • How do I place my order?

    Start by selecting a wall mural from our range or by uploading your own image. Then specify the width and height of your feature wall and how you want to crop your image. You might want to reverse it, zoom in or out or change colours and replace words.

    If you wish to order more wall murals, repeat the procedure above. When you are satisfied with your order simply click on the Order button in the shopping list. Then fill in the requested details in the purchase flow.

    You will receive confirmation within 24 hours of placing your order. Your order will be delivered with UPS Express Saver to your specified delivery address in 5 working days.

  • Where do I pay?

    You pay online with PayPal.

    PayPal allows secure payment with your PayPal account or credit card. You will be redirected to PayPal to finalize your order when checking out. More information about PayPal is available at

  • How long are delivery times?

    We deliver your order with UPS Express Saver to your specified delivery address in 5 working days.

  • Can I order my wallpaper mural in any size I want?

    The smallest size you can order is 2 square metres (enough to cover a door or similar surface). So far we haven't had to set a maximum size limit. For instance, we've produced wallpapers for 20-metre-wide walls!

  • Can I order samples?

    Yes. If you look in the range on our website you'll find a button down to the right where you can add sample to your shopping bag. The samples are of course of the same non-woven material as we print our wallpaper on and they are in A4 size.

    However, if you wish to order samples of wall murals that you create with your own motifs, we charge a fee of £12 for each sample. The sample you receive is to a scale of 1:1 and printed on an A4 (45 cm by 45 cm if it's your own design) sheet of the wall mural material. This means that you’ll only see part of the pattern and not all of it. 

  • How can I turn a photograph into a wallpaper mural?

    If you have the photo on your computer, you can upload it directly here to our website. If the image is an object, an illustration or a paper photograph, you can send it to us by post. We scan what you want to use as your wallpaper design and create an original digital image for you.

    Whatever method you choose – uploading your own photo, selecting one of our motifs or sending by post – you choose the width, height and colours of your wall mural and how it should be cropped. After you've ordered your wallpaper mural, we deliver it with UPS Express Saver to your specified delivery address in 5 working days.

  • Which file formats work?

    Most standard file formats such as JPG and TIFF are supported if you upload your image to our website.

    Is the image in an unusual format? If it is, contact us first and tell us what the image file is called (please write the file name in the topic line) then either upload your image here or send it on a USB memory stick or CD to:

    WA WallVision AB c/o Mr Perswall
    Box 1
    501 13 Borås, Sweden

Prices & costs

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Your order is dispatched from our factory in Sweden with UPS Express Saver and the freight is free of charge.

  • What does a sample print cost?

    Samples of the wall murals in our collections will be sent to you free of charge. However, if you want samples of wall murals that you create with your own designs, these cost £12 each.

    You'll be sent a 45 cm x 45 cm sample if the wall mural is your design and an A4 sample if it is from our collection. Both are to a scale of 1:1 and are, of course, printed on the same material that we print our wall murals on.

  • What does it cost to make customized wallpaper mural?

    It costs £30/square metre for the digital wallpaper mural that you've designed with a motif of your own.

  • What do the wallpaper murals in the Mr Perswall range cost?

    The price is per square metre since you decide yourself what width and height you want.

    The wallpaper murals cost £30 per square metre regardless of whether you order from our collections or make your own.


  • How do I choose my wallpaper mural?

    You can view our entire range of wall murals on the pages of this website. The wall murals can be ordered in any size, designs can be reversed, colours changed and you can add or replace text for words of your own.

    You can also upload a photograph or image to make your own wallpaper design. If the source you want to use is not in digital form, simply let us create an original digital image for you.

    Mr Perswall’s wall murals are also available in well-stocked wallpaper stores across the UK. Call in to a store to browse through our collection books and take a closer look at patterns and colours. We guarantee that the staff are always happy to help you with individual advice and professional tips. 

  • How wide are the lengths?

    The lengths are 45cm wide.

  • Are your wallpaper murals quality-assured?

    Of course! We consider it as important that our digitally-printed wallpaper murals are of a superior quality as that the manufacturing process provide the highest quality possible and comply with all environmental and safety standards.

    As part of our quality assurance process, our company is EU certified in conformance with the EN 15102:2007 document, a CE marking which means that our production processes comply with the European Union’s directive on emissions of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other hazardous substances.

    Fire safety Europe B-s1.d0, USA Class A, ASTM E84.

    European fire safety for laminated wallpaper with higher durability is C-s1.d0.

  • Where are the wallpaper murals made?

    All the wallpaper murals are made at our factory in Borås, Sweden. If you're passing this way please let us know, and if we've time we'll be delighted to show you round!

  • What material is the wallpaper printed on?

    Our wallpaper murals are easy-up wallpapers, which means that we print them on a quality-assured non-woven material. You might have heard of paste-the-wall? That’s the same kind of wallpaper as EasyUp.

    Non-woven are made from wood pulp with added textile fibres to make the wallpaper strong, dimensionally stable and easy to hang (as the name EasyUp implies, this wallpaper is simple to hang – you paste the wall instead of the paper).

    Fire safety Europe B-s1.d0, USA Class A, ASTM E84.

    European fire safety for laminated wallpaper with higher durability is C-s1.d0.

  • What wall murals does Mr Perswall have?

    We have a wide assortment of wall murals suitable for most applications, feature walls, ceiling and door decoration and so on.

    The patterns and designs in our wall mural collections cover the full range, from photographs and illustrations to specially-designed wallpaper patterns.

    You can find all our wall murals here on our website.

  • Which designers does Mr Perswall work with?

    All of them. Well, almost all of them. We work with everyone from Hasselblad award winners to local amateur photographers.

    The best designers are those with a story to tell. They can be oil painters, famous names and graphic designers such as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Tricia Guild and Hanna Werning, as well as bus shelter graffiti artists or even you. There is a Picasso inside every one of us!


Wallpapering with Mr Perswall

Excellent quality wallpaper

You'll find that it couldn't be simpler to put your own creation or one of ours up on your wall. That's because our wallpaper are made of non-woven material. The characteristics of the wallpaper is determined by the textile fibers contained in the wallpaper pulp. The textile makes the strips of the wall mural easy to work with and as strong as bank notes – they’re actually made of the same non-woven material. Non-woven material is also an environmentally friendly alternative, using no PVC.

With a carefully selected assortment of high resolution images, decades of beeing in the wallpaper industry, with continues improvements, we always strive for excellent quality on our wallpaper.

Easy to hang

Well, to put it simply, these are dimensionally stable murals that you hang in the easiest possible way: Paste the wall and then match the pattern and place the lengths edge-to-edge. Panels are 45 cm wide and are marked with numbers to make sure you get the pattern right.

Wallpaper on wallpaper

Thanks to the fibres, the wall mural allows moisture to pass through and the walls to breathe. This means that any damp patches that appear when you hang your wall mural will disappear within about 24 hours as soon as the wall mural has dried.

So, if you ever want to paper over your wallpaper, you can forget the sandpaper and putty – the walls are already smooth! Quick, easy and reliable – that's our philosophy.

Download hanging instructions

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